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Doctor’s Life features articles that highlight leading physicians, a variety of medical, business and legal topics with a focus on lifestyle content for after the white jacket is hung up for the day. Topics in Wealth Management, Real Estate, Travel, Fitness, Food and Wine, and other areas that promote life outside of the practice. The magazine is happy to consider contributors from physician writers to professional freelance writers. Please email your article pitch, bio information and any relevant links to previously published work, to



  • Ami Forte
  • Bernadette Homan
  • Brittany Miller
  • Bruce D. Lamb
  • Christine Hamacher
  • Cortnie Simmons
  • Dale Griffen, R.N.
  • Dr. Christopher Clark
  • Dr. Cynthia L. Harris
  • Dr. David Bernstein
  • Dr. David B. Troxel
  • Dr. George Northup
  • Dr. Greg Savel
  • Dr. Jennifer S. Drukteinis
  • Don Jones
  • Heather Urquides
  • Helen King
  • Jimmy Barker
  • Jodi Kaplan
  • Kathleen Hargreaves,cpa
  • Lee Browder
  • Lilly Reisman
  • Michelle Gallagher
  • Paula Bentley
  • Pete Nicas
  • Randy Homa
  • Rick O. Helbing
  • Robert V. Williams
  • Rochelle Glassman



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  • Dr. George Northup
  • Dr. Greg Savel
  • Robert V. Williams
  • Scott Jarred
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