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Medical Marketing Online Do's and Don'ts

Medical Marketing Online Do’s and Don’ts

First impressions are made within seconds of an encounter. What if this encounter occurs online? Nowadays, people will search your practice on the internet before any other interaction. Due to this it is increasingly crucial for practices to have an online reputation that reflects the service they provide. How your practice is portrayed online can determine whether a new patient walks through your front door or not.

The Importance of Succession Planning

Leadership transitions are risky times for medical practices. When the departing lead physician has had a strong run, there is worry about his successor’s ability to maintain the momentum. When he has performed poorly, there’s anxiety about whether and how fast his successor will be able correct course.
Healthcare 2018

Healthcare 2018

The U.S. health care reform debate and the Affordable Care Act played front and center throughout 2017 headlines. Will the GOP and Trump administration back off until after the mid-term election? Are there more concerning issues to battle in 2018?