Unlocking the Science of Behavioral Finance

Medicine and investing: Two games which are extremely tricky to navigate. Two games that leave physicians and investors at the mercy of vast information processing hubs: The human body and the market. While medicine has been perfected over the years, practice hasn’t always made perfect for investors. Unlike medicine, investing appears to have no standardized science behind it. And don’t forget every investor’s kryptonite: Volatility. Why? Volatility can drive irrational investment behavior.

Protecting Today for an Unknown Tomorrow

Feeling the effects of regulatory and legislative implementations, shifts in practice ownership, and profitability demands, the healthcare landscape doesn’t look the same as it did 10 years ago. But what does all of this mean? Simply put, it means one thing: change. More specifically, change that can affect a physician’s key area of exposure: risk management in both their personal life and their practice.
Two Worlds, One Hybrid Solution

Two Worlds, One Hybrid Solution

Medicine and the human body, business and finance: two worlds whose separation is often displayed by the tradition of physicians sitting on one side of the table and business people on the other side. However, it is becoming an increasing problem that there are not many people sitting in the middle of the table; those who understand both the business of medicine and the human anatomy. Recognizing the need for hybrid physicians who can interpret both languages leads to more efficient practice management both professionally and personally.
Legacy Reputation Management

Legacy Reputation Management

Individual, business, and online reputation management oh my! A term that is regularly spoken in the public relations and digital marketing fields, the heart of reputation management is the influencing and/or control of an individual’s or business’s reputation; online reputation management measures the impact of your digital footprint. But while all this talk is happening about these areas of reputation management, why are individuals not speaking with their advisor about one of their most important aspects to reputation management: the reputation management of their legacy.

Changing Times Call for Innovation

For some time now, models have been used in finance to determine what outcomes will arise from what inputs. With the ability to calculate formulas with specific values, in our field there may be no end to the continued tweaking of financial models in the hopes of finding that magic formula for financial success.

New Year’s Resolution: Effective Risk Management

Physician’s groups and practice owners can benefit from a dynamic risk management tool meant to effectively manage risks for which protection may not be available, control their insurance costs, and provide tax efficiencies, all of which can potentially have positive effects on a personal level.