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10 Steps to Selling a Medical Practice

Doctors continue to wrestle with the question of what will ultimately be their most advantageous business model. In some cases, hospitals looking for new sources of patients and referrals have sought to acquire high quality, well established private medical practices. Physicians who sell their practice frequently cite reduced reimbursements, more uninsured patients, increased government audits and the growing expense of information systems as important reasons for their decision. For now, most medical professionals are in a holding pattern, waiting to see the final provisions of the Affordable Care Act and new Medicare billing rules—and hoping to see values rise from an improving economy.

Private Practice Entrepreneur

Philip Henkin sold out. Once. It was 2005 when the hospital system came calling on the young neurosurgeon in Jacksonville. The allure was clear. The hospital’s primary care physician base would guarantee him...

Dr. Philip Henkin

Dr. Philip Henkin is a Board-Certifi ed Neurosurgeon who has been practicing in Florida for 17 years. He graduated in 1985 with a chemical engineering degree from MIT. After working as an international engineering consultant for two years, he returned to school in 1987 and graduated from Ohio State University in 1991 with an M.D. degree. He completed his post-graduate residency training at Duke University Medical Center from 1991 to 1998. He has maintained neurosurgical practice in Florida since graduating from Duke.

Flavor and Fitness: Can they work together?

A common complaint among individuals who exercise frequently is the difficulty of balancing good nutrition with delicious flavor. These attributes are too often seen as opposing, with one unfortunately getting sacrificed. But what people may not realize is that there is a valuable resource in your local grocery store that successfully balances these important elements: the frozen food aisle.
Baby Boomers

5 Surprising Superfoods for Baby Boomers

An estimated 77 million baby boomers represent the largest generation of Americans born in U.S. history. Many are embracing their golden years and taking a proactive approach to their well-being. If you are a boomer, you understand nutrition is fundamental to maintaining your health. But do you know some foods are particularly powerful in helping you age well?