Fashion in 2017Before you even get to shout “1” in your New Year’s countdown, fashion has already taken off. Did you know that fashion is always six months to a year ahead? Spring lines are usually finalized somewhere around the end of the summer of the previous year. Being a Floridian, there is a short transitional season between winter and spring. Our coldest months in Florida are characterized by layering in the early morning and ending the day in a sleeveless shirt! Enter a New Year and season by jumpstarting your closet on trend with these guidelines.

Early Bloomer

Most people imagine Spring when thinking florals, abstract prints and light color palettes. However, 2017 fashion is transitioning quickly into an early bloom. In the last couple of years, top fashion brands such as Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren and Burberry, have introduced full resort capsules to assist in the transition from holiday wear to spring wardrobing.

These capsules start to hit floors when most are still looking to bundle up for the coldest months of the year. In Florida, these key pieces naturally become a part of our everyday wardrobe—shorts, linens, light jackets and blazers.

Pair It. Wear It.

Bold prints have versatility in your wardrobe and can often times be taken from day to night looks solely on how you pair them.

  • Pair a printed bottom or short with a basic top. The key is to offset the print with a color that doesn’t take away from print. Men, you too can rock a fashionable printed short or pant. Be bold and bring out your inner bloom by pairing a printed short with a nice basic short sleeve button down.
  • For a daytime look, pair a printed top or blouse with a basic short, capri or linen pant. To take this same print into a nighttime look, throw a blazer or light fabrication jacket over your top and pair with slacks or a darker denim pant
  • Ladies! Tune up your basic pieces like that plain black dress by adding a pop of a print. Just simply throwing in a printed clutch OR shoe to a monochromatic outfit adds personality and completely changes the look!

Stripes. Forever.

Vertical, horizontal or a mixture of the two? Stripes are everywhere this season. Both men and women will be sporting stripes—from banker stripes to bold, color-blocked stripes—even paired together in the same look, is a go for this year.

Pair It. Wear It.

The size of the stripe, as well as the direction, has an impact on the eye. So, vertical or horizontal lines is the question! This is a common conversation in fashion. It is amazing to hear and see how people react to stripes on clothing. Some stray away from horizontal lines because they feel it creates an illusion of being “wider”. Others gravitate towards vertical stripes to create height and feel it creates a slimming effect.

In my experience, I narrow it all back to the size of the stripe. No matter the direction of the stripe, size matters!

  • Be BOLD! Try pairing stripes on stripes! The key to this trend is pairing stripes of both different sizes and directions. For example, if you have vertical stripes on the bottom, you can pair them with a top with horizontal stripes; one bold stripe or a couple would create a fun look.
  • Pair stripes with solids! Striped bottom OR striped top? Pair with a solid. Don’t be afraid to make this solid one of the top spring colors!
  • Nautical continues to be a trend this year. Striped outerwear adds to any basic look and can be accessorized to take you from day to night.
  • Men-A striped blazer, jacket or woven paired with a khaki bottom for a daytime look. Take it into the evening by just pairing with a dark denim or slack.

Following New York Fashion Week, Pantone Color Institute released their top ten colors for Spring 2017. The below colors will be found in casual and dressy apparel for men and women.

1. Niagara
2. Primrose Yellow
3. Lapis Blue
4. Flame
5. Island Paradise
6. Pale Dogwood
7. Greenery
8. Pink Yarrow
9. Kale
10. Hazelnut

Spring is all about color! Pair It. Wear It!

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