Huffington Post conducted a survey with 1,019 adults regarding their top frustrations they had with their doctor. The number one complaint from their Survey was lack of empathy.

Huffington Post:

Overall, the one thing patients want the most from their doctors is empathy. Eighty-two percent of survey respondents said that doctor empathy was important, and many were even willing to overlook common grievances — like rescheduling shortly before an appointment, waiting to get an appointment or waiting a long time to actually see the doctor once at the appointment — if the doctor is empathetic.

Here are a few of the top complaint statistics that came from their survey:

  • 85% said their doctor does at least one thing that bugs them
  • 50% said it was aggravating when waiting a long time to be seen
  • 12% revealed that it bothered them greatly when their doctor reveals information to other people regarding their medical history.
  • 11% feel aggravated the most when they are rushed by their doctor
  • 4% is annoyed because they have the sense that their doctor does not remember them
  • 6% are not happy with limited office hours

The good news that came from the same survey:

  • 50% believe it is possible to improve their doctor/patient relationship if their appointment was not rushed
  • 13% believe if they had the ability to contact their doctor direct it would improve their doctor relationship
  • 36% said they trust everything a doctor tells them
  • 36% always do what their doctor advises them to do
  • 49% ask questions regarding their doctor’s opinion
  • Majority said they do not lie to their doctor and if they ever did, it was mainly to avoid being judged
  • Majority said their last doctor visit was positive.  

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