St. Vincent and The Grenadines has 32 blissful islands waiting for you. Unwind, switch off, and de-tech. Unspoiled islands set within the beguiling blues of the Carribean Sea.

De-tech? That’s right, step away from the technology, log off and disconnect. A de-tech is like a health detox but for your mind, a complete digital detox. It means unplugging from the world, turning off all the distracting devices that battle for your attention in our modern world and living in the here and now. Just for a while at least. De-tech is the occasional prescription you need to write to yourself to get you back up a running and ready to face the rest of the year anew.

For the ultimate digital detox trip, there is no better place on earth that St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) to get rid of all the technological trappings. Close your eyes for a second (no cheating now), and imagine a chain of unspoiled islands set within the beguiling blues of the Caribbean Sea, uncluttered by visitors where deserted islands are fringed by bleached out sands gently lapped by clear waters. When it comes to tranquility and total escapism nowhere beats the paradisiacal islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We’ve teamed up with Life Coach Louise Gillespie-Smith to create the definitive guide to managing time out from a fast paced existence. This experience covers that before, during and after, arming you with tips and practices that will enable you live life in the movement.

So go on, give yourself a little me time, slide the power off, de-tech and slip into the Caribbean way of life. This is your guide to de-tech, a digital detox… hit the off button, NOW!

Unlike your typical holiday guide, we won’t be advising on what to pack but what not to pack. By that we mean stepping away from the mac book/ tablet (yes, we know it’s slim and fits in your suitcase but put it down), the iPhone and all other devices.

De-tech is not just about switching off when you get there, it’s about achieving the right state of mind before you go. When it comes to switching off, be prepared- don’t go cold turkey now. Life Coach, Louise Gillespie-Smith provides some tips…

This is your guide to de-tech, a digital detox.

Before You Go:

  • Push all work deadlines back and arrange an extension if worried
  • Fire up Hoot Suite and get your auto-tweets on the go
  • Set the TV to record your favorite shows so you’re not stressing you’ve missed the finale
  • Think you’ll miss someone back home? Then ask them craft you an old fashioned letter you can open half way through the de-tech to keep you going
  • Write a plan, not for your vacation… but for your first day back. Ease yourself in with no meetings first thing allowing time for jet lag recovery
  • Set up out of office replies and voicemails so people now you are away
  • Let people know you will be non-contactable- as opposed to, I’m picking up urgent emails.
  • Turn off and place all devices in a bag that you will not be taking with you (that should be all of them with the exception of one emergency mobile phone)

Relaxation is the key. Our minds are so often in the past or in the future, being present is where we get our sense of peace, it is worry and guilt free. Tips to help you stay in the moment:

CREATE; get lost in a drawing or painting. (on the beach of course)

READ; a good book does wonders, we recommend a few.

YOGA; great for you physical and mental self, it helps you to switch off and calms your mind.

MEDITATE; Sit on the beach and just focus on the sound of the waves. If thoughts arise, observe them but do not give them any in-depth attention.

SUBMERGE; snorkel or dive in the clear Caribbean Sea. The sea has a fantastic calming effect and it often seems easier to disconnect when you are near it. In the shadow of something so vast, it helps get life in perspective.

EXPLORE; go for a walk amid the lush vegetation and palm trees, and pay attention to nature all around you.

WRITE; remember the things that you’re grateful for in your life every day and jot them down.

DANCE; lose yourself in the rhythm.

Touchdown in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) we’ll whisk you off for the ultimate island experience to help detox from all that is digital. When dropping a pin on the map to find a truly authentic digital detox, the ultimate place to escape to is the archipelago of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Encompassing 32 paradisiacal islands and cays, and covering 150 square miles of gleaming sea, SVG is an untainted and remote part of the Caribbean- free from crowds, mass tourism and the technological trappings of the modern digital world. Here, life continues on as it has for generations, unhurried and laid back with a strong sense of family, food and the simple life.

Feel liberated of technology and soak up the sound of lapping waves and chirping birds in the lush verdant rainforest. Each of the nine inhabited islands has its own distinct character, so hopping from one to another you’ll find a different experience each time. Kick back on the platinum-sand coastline of the Grenadines, flip alongside turtles amongst the seagrass and colorful reef in the Tobago Cays, climb St. Vincent’s La Soufriere mighty volcano, and feel the calming effects of the ocean with some of the best sailing on earth.

St. Vincent and The GrenadinesSVG is an incredibly diverse island nation with a landscape and environment sure to cure the modern day ills of the digital revolution. So kick back, set your phone to voicemail and enjoy the present.

There is a lot to see and do around St Vincent and the Grenadines, particularly on the ‘mainland’ as the island of St Vincent itself is known. Here you can explore both coastlines, where there are simple local villages (also ports on the Caribbean side) and waterfalls, mountains and incredibly fertile forest inland. In the Grenadines, tours tend to be by sea, of course.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines has a very rich culture, which includes unique festivities and sports. In SVG the history of the country has produced a marvelous heritage of Amerindian strength of spirit, fused with European governance, to which we add African inventiveness, complemented by Asia’s resilience philosophy.

Much of our culture, as you might expect, is strongly linked to the sea, and to the boats which brought African slaves, Portuguese laborers, and French and British settlers together with indigenous Caribs to give St. Vincent and the Grenadines its vibrant, multi-ethnic community, that is both proud and unified.

Virtually everything you eat in St. Vincent & The Grenadines will have been grown or reared locally. The furthest many ingredients will travel is from a small farm on St. Vincent to a plate at a restaurant on the Grenadine islands. The fish will have been pulled out of the waters surrounding the island by a local fisherman and sold straight to the chef just a couple of hours before it is cooked. Be sure to sample the local dishes jackfish and breadfruit, and wash it all down with a cool Hairoun Beer or a Sunset Rum.

Young Island and Palm Island should be on your list to visit during your trip. Young Island, just off the coast of St. Vincent, nestles with all the Caribbean tranquility and seclusion that you need after months rushing through the rat race. Unlike its glamorous star studded neighbor Mustique, Young Island Resort is all about barefoot chic, just what the doctor ordered. With a dazzling white sandy beach flanking the island, it’s the perfect place to indulge in a little much needed R and R with only a good book as company.

Then off to a secluded piece of bliss, Palm Island Resort. Nestled between Union Island and Petit St. Vincent, Palm Island occupies its own private 135-acre island hideaway. This is the place to live out those wildest Robinson Crusoe dreams, all in blissful isolation of course. Enjoy the simple pleasures of nature and the starling beauty of the Caribbean. The island is a mecca for various types of water sports above and below the water. Grab some scuba gear and a kayak and head out to find your own secret bay to explore. The private villas on Palm Island are also the perfect place to take a step back and soak up the natural beauty of the island. With no TV or internet in the rooms you’re in a perfect spot to focus on your digital detox.

When You Return Home

Just before you leave, write down what you have learned from your experience and try not to forget it. Ask yourself what, if anything, would you like to continue to do in your everyday life? Make this a reality, schedule time in your day just to play, read, be outside or meditate. If you don’t plan, it won’t happen. It has been said it takes 21 days to build a habit. Give yourself three weeks to build positive lifestyle habits into your routine. Plan something relaxing within the week of getting back and try to switch off your devices for 30 minutes each day, what could you do differently with your time? Avoid being on your devices up to an hour before you go to bed, it will help you to have a more restful sleep. Visit for more information.

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