Dr. Chris M. Nussbaum, a 25-year-experienced clinician and diagnostician. His diverse and extensive background brings to you excellence and versatility in the healthcare arena. Amongst other achievements, Dr. Nussbaum founded and was the Chief Medical Officer of Synergy Medical Group, was Program Group Leader for IPC – The Hospitalist Company, and served as Associate Medical Director for Gulfside Regional Hospice. He is a Fellow of Hospital Medicine and former Chief Resident of Internal Medicine at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, N.J.. Dr. Nussbaum completed his third and fourth years of medical training in The United Kingdom. He is a former National Science Foundation Scholar, Associate Clinical Instructor at local medical schools, Medical Director of a number of rehab and ancillary services, and is a trained Healthcare Mediator.

How long have you lived in the Tampa Bay area?

I have lived in the Tampa Bay Area Since 1989

What is your favorite Tampa Bay restaurant?

Charley’s Steak House

Where is your favorite place in Tampa Bay to relax?

On the beach where I reside

What is your favorite event to attend to in Tampa Bay?

Tampa Bay Lightning Games

What is the name of your favorite book that you read this year?

Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine is medical care that is specifically driven by and organized around the member patient’s needs.

Is there a difference between concierge medicine and direct primary care?

Yes – Concierge medicine implies a higher level of service. Direct care implies no third party middleman.

Is concierge medical care or at least some variation of, the way of the future?


Dr. Nussbaum you have 25 years’ experience as a physician and you founded and were the Chief Medical Officer of Synergy Medical Group. Why now did you decide to open this type of medical care model versus the traditional medical care model that we all have known for so many years?

My Concierge practice embodies all of the ideology and innovation I have ever dreamed of as Physician. I have the opportunity to do something unique and to rewrite the course of traditional care.

After 25 years’ experience as clinician and diagnostician, do you feel this form of medical care is the best available today?


Is concierge medicine only for wealthy patients, like the popular show Royal Pains or are there programs for different levels of income?

We have a program for everyone. The cost of our most expensive plan is still less than the average individual’s monthly cable TV bill.

What are a few of the risks that Doctors should consider if they are thinking of switching their practice to this form of care?

There are no get rich quick or shortcut scenarios. Be ready and be patient.

What are some of the major perks that come with the concierge medicine care model?

The interaction with satisfaction derived from this model of care is worth the extreme effort!

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